Geoffrey A. Oddie

Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of History, University of Sydney

Geoffrey Oddie is an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of History at the University of Sydney, Australia.

He has lectured in history in the same department since 1964, and has also been a Visiting Professor at the United Theological College, Bangalore (2003). Dr Oddie was first published in 1957. Since then he has authored, edited or contributed to a score of books on various aspects of religion in South Asia, with a focus on Hinduism and missionary Christianity in colonial and pre-colonial times. His books include Missionaries, Rebellion and Proto-Nationalism. James Long of Bengal: 1814–87 (1998); Religious Conversion Movements in South Asia: Continuities and Change (edited, 1997); Popular Religion, Elites and Reform: Hook-swinging and Its Prohibition in Colonial India, 1800–1894 (1995); and Social Protest in India: British Protestant Missionaries and Social Reforms, 1850–1900 (1979).